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    The Process


Every client and organization is unique and it can be easy to overlook information specific to you that is vital to making your unique website successful.

To ensure that doesn't happen, over the years we have refined the process below so we can create a website that is exactly what you want and need to be successful!


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Before we start the process be assured and confident that if something needs to be done we will do it so you don't have to. We need your help with the website's look and feel and content to ensure the site properly reflects your company or organization, but from there you need do nothing at all. Well ok... we need you to pay the bill too, but we will make the whole process enjoyable and stress free for you from conception to completion.

Having said that, there is nothing written in stone that says the following has to be done this way but it seems to work for most.

Initially we can chat on the phone to discuss preliminaries and set up a meeting in person.

We will reserve the actual web address you would like for your website. i.e. and find a company to host your website that you are comfortable with at a price and service level that suits . Before you register a domain name, talk to us!!! There are several ways to get a website to rank high in a google search but your actual domain name is one of the biggest factors. We will help you pick the right one!

Obviously cost is a major factor for most so we need to establish a budget. The budget immediately starts dictating technically what can and can not be achieved so you don't have to waste a tremendous amount of time.

What won't happen is if you tell us you have a budget of five thousand dollars, we automatically spend that much. It may be necessary, but the goal is to work with you to build an effective website for hopefully less than you budgeted.

We can also talk about site maintenance, how the changes and upkeep will be done to your web site in the future after it is online. This is important to do early on so the site can be developed accordingly.

We need to establish what the goal of the website is, whether you want to attract customers, service current customers, dispense information, sell goods, etc., or any combination of the above.

Assess and assemble the content whether that be written content, photos, audio, video, animation, etc.

Organize the content in the way it will be laid out in the website. This quickly creates the navigation system for your website.

Establish company or organization colour schemes and how they are to be represented visually in the website. We want to in most cases keep your website consistent with all other marketing you do.

Establish a timeline for the project to be completed.

Design the initial visual interface for the website.

Meet again in person to go over your likes and dislikes or concerns with the visual design. Make adjustments to that and have the visual design approved and signed off.

Start to develop the actual site, adding content and all the unseen programming and coding until it is done. While this is happening you will be able to follow the progress by going to a test site on the web we will supply you with. Here you will be able to see the changes and additions as they happen to your site as it is built and developed into the final site that will, in the end, reside at your new web address.

When the website is completed, we will test every inch of it and invite you to do the same by going over each page for any errors or omissions that may have inadvertently occurred.

When you are happy with final website, we will post it live to the world at your web address.

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