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"I want to rank number one on Google!"

— Says everyone trying to make a living on line.

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Unlocking the mysteries of Search Results ...

So everyone wants to be ranked number one!

Well there is only room for one up there so we better do all we can to get your site as the number one result. We offer no guarantee that is where you will end up but we will do everything we can to get you there or as close as possible. In fact we suggest readily that if you can find a company with a rock solid moneyback guarantee that they will place you number one within a decent short length of time - go for it!!!

We have had great success in placing sites in the top ten and at number one. There are a lot of things that have to be tended to in a website to make that happen.

The main areas of focus when working on getting websites ranked higher in search rankings are listed to the right. Some are more practical than others to work on but if we can address all of them with you, you will have a much better chance of ranking high!

A Few Examples of Our Clients Search Result Success

Below are a few websites that we have developed with their desired search phrases and the results they were receiving on the big three search engines at the time this page was produced. Don't forget there is more than just Google to think about when optimizing a website for search engines!

We can work with your existing site or with a brand new design.

We'll go over a plan to get you as high in search results as possible as part of the process but here is a list of a few things to consider:

Your Domain Name: Your actual web address has more to do with your results than most anything else. If you have not reserved a domain yet don't before you talk to us!!! We'll help you pick out an effective one!

Relevant and Fresh Content:  Google looks for sites that have relevant content that is updated on a regular basis with fresh and also relevant content. The more you do this the higher they will rank you.

Back Links:  This is a very important one but one of the more arduous tasks to make happen.  Back links are created when other websites link to yours.  The more of these you have the better.  But even more important is their relevance.  Meaning the higher the ranking the sites have that link to you, the higher you will rank.

Page Coding:  There are all kinds of different things we can do with the actual code that creates your web pages that will help.  The title of the page, meta tags, alternative text on images, placement and frequency of keywords, etc.

Domain Phrase Searched Google "ottawa rug cleaners" #1 "ottawa rug cleaning" #1 "ottawa carpet cleaning" #4, #6 " canada retirement information" #1 "Heating Contractors Ottawa" #3 "Residential Heating Contractors Ottawa" #3 "catholic parish blossom park" #1 "catholic parish gloucester" #4 "catholic parish" #7 "catholic parish kanata" #2 "catholic parish west carleton" #1
We included our own site here as we figure we better get ourselves in the top ten.
We only included a couple of our results so we don't give away all our secrets! "Ottawa Websites" #1 "Website Consulting Ottawa" #1, #2
* Search result rankings will vary from day to day. Your searches may rank one or two higher or lower depending on that day's fluctuations.
Contact us today. Let's improve your ranking and get business moving again!
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