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Affordable Ottawa websites. We help business owners get a world class website at a price they can afford.  We do not have offices in Ottawa’s downtown core.  We keep our overhead low, so our prices stay far below larger Ottawa website design companies. 

You pay for your website, not our rent.


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Ostriches Don't Like Fees Either
The following is a break down of the different costs associated with having a website so you can plan accordingly.

Domain Name Registration

This is a yearly renewal fee of around *$50 Canadian per year to reserve your website address. i.e. I say 'around' because it can change and different sites will offer different deals.

This is a good place to start: Here you can search to see if the name you want is still available or already taken. Before you register a domain name, talk to us!!! There are several ways to get a website to rank high in a google search but your actual domain name is one of the biggest factors. We will help you pick the right one!

If you go to bulk hosting sites you can reserve for less, but be very careful and read the fine print before you commit to any contracts...

Website Hosting

Your website has to be 'hosted' online for it to be accessible on the internet. The fee varies widely depending on the services your site needs, but in many cases it would be around *$25 per month.

Again, if you go to bulk hosting sites you can host for less, but be very careful and read the fine print before you commit to any contracts... We can tend to all of this for you.

Design and Development

This is the process of creating your customized website from scratch. It involves everything from our initial discussions nailing down what is important to you and your business, to creating the visual layout of the website, to coding every page that will eventually be part of your final site. The minimum fee for this is *$1,800.

Typically you would be closer to *$3,000. With this you will get dedicated service from start to finish including what most companies charge extra for including SEO, social media set up, etc. You may well have a quote higher than this but we have done several sites for this amount. The only way to know for sure is to have a meeting and establish what you want in a site. The meeting is free with no obligation so give us a call and let's get you started! 613-825 6482.

If you are a non-profit organization we may be able to develop a site for you for less than this amount. Please call ahead and we will set up a meeting to see what can be done.


When your website is complete and launched to the World Wide Web for all to see and use, you will want to update the content, make changes etc.

The web sites we design are almost exclusively with a Content Management System as part of the package. Word Press is by far the most popular and globally accepted. There are literally millions of web sites now built on the Word Press platform. This will allow you or someone in your office to do content updates easily without any web development knowledge. We will always be here to help if you need it. We have several customers that still prefer us to do the maintenance work for them and we are happy to set up something for you to tend to that. In many cases for less than $150 a month we can do the work for our clients and they feel it is a steal at twice the price to not have to deal with the stress of doing the work.

There is no minimum fee either btw. Meaning if we do 15 minutes of work you will be billed for 15 minutes, no more. If it is just a quick updated that takes 3 minutes... not worth sending out an invoice. It is not uncommon to have a client asking why they didn't get billed for something. That's why!

Our turn around times are within 48 hours, usually within 24 hours and often the same day.

We'll discuss this option thoroughly with you as part of the process so you can make an informed and appropriate choice as to whether it is right for you and your particular situation and needs!


* Of course... remember to add all applicable taxes to each cost.


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